Erik Bertens

Dutch / English

In 2006 Erik Bertens started the part-time course furniture upholstering at the HMC (Hout- en Meubileringscollege) in Rotterdam. During this course, he soon discovered that he was more attracted to designing furniture and fabrics instead of furniture upholstery and he started to experiment with different materials and constructions.

Erik & Braungart

In 2008 Erik was asked by the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) to design a “sustainable couch” for the 95th anniversary of The University. Erik chose to create a couch according to the principles of “cradle to cradle” (C2C), a design philosophy based on the premise that the last phase of the product life cycle of the product must be taken into during the designing phase of the product. The product should be easy to de-assemble, so that all the re-usable and/or compostable materials are separated ( During the celebrations, Michael Braungart, one of the founders of the C2C principle and Endowed professor at the EUR, personally paid a visit to discuss Erik’s cradle to cradle couch. (link)

In 2011 Erik received another “green” assignment. Erik was asked to furnish a cradle to cradle “lounge corner” on behalf of the TU Delft and the production company “Double 2” of the Dutch radio and TV presenter TV Jan Douwe Kroeske, together with two friends.

Low Tech Furniture

At present, Erik is focused on his new Low Tech Furniture concept: to design en restyle upholstered furniture in his own personal style, in which the challenge is to artistically create furniture while using limited means and materials that will thereby ingeneously supplement your house interior.

Cradle to Cradle bank